Sunday, 9 March 2008

All Things Ordinary

Today, I sat outside with a caramel latte with cream and a moist raspberry white chocolate muffin at Caffe Nero in London. For a few minutes, I remembered to truly breathe in where I was and just relax. After a look in Topshop and Urban Outfitters, I went to the Hillsong Church in London. It was really refreshing and uplifting, so I am really glad I attended. The music was fantastic and people were just excited and there was joy in the air. People seemed friendly too. I still want to attend a service at Westminster Abbey before I go back to the States.

After that, Lauren and I went to the Hayward Gallery to look at an exhibition called "Laughing in a Foreign Language" for our Contemporary Issues in Fine Art II module. Some of it was interesting, and some was not, like museums often are. None of it peeked my curiosity. I suppose I should not say "none," since there was a series of photographs and stories about a traveler purposefully trying to get security to notice him in airports that I took to.

Getting home from the city was a bit of a nightmare, however; involving hopping on and off tubes and trains because one or the other was shut down. Apparently, the government workers for Transport of London do most of the mechanical work on Sundays, so none of the trains in and out of Kingston or Surbiton Stations were running. One of the only things I found amusing during the whole process of making my way out of the city was being mistaken for a Canadian. The lady I live with, Debs, told me that she honestly cannot tell the difference between the accents. Anyway, after finally arriving at Clapham Junction, I caught a replacement bus to Surbiton. It was kindly familiar to get on the K3 bus home to Thames Ditton.

None of this is that interesting, so for that I apologize. Something more interesting is that Max will be arriving in London at six in the morning on Saturday! It really does not feel like he is coming here. I never understand the full gravity of big events until they are much closer in time, like a day away. I will be taking Max to the best places I know here in Kingston and London, but I think we will go to a few new places like Bath and Stonehenge. We may meet up with a high school friend of mine, Nathan, who is coming out to London for a week.

I traveled for so long today that I hadn't eaten since breakfast, so I just stuffed myself on walnut and Gorgonzola tortellini...which reminds me that I am running out of groceries. I need to go and work on my paper on classical architecture that's worth 50% of my grade in a class. I've been procrastinating of course, and it's due Tuesday. That's all for now.

Au revoir.

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Mom said...

If that's an "ordinary" day for you, then your extraordinary days must be indescribable!
Love, Mom ;